7 Tips for HD Color Correction and DSLR Color Correction


At the moment I’m coming to the end of a short film I have been working on.  My very last job on the film is the colour grade…

Like most low budget filmmakers we try to dabble in every area of filmmaking so we at least have an appreciation for every part of the craft and an understanding of what goes on when making a film that when that big day comes when kind of know what we are talking about when we pay the experts to take on those jobs to make the film as best as it can be.

Anyway…colour grading who have to be the most difficult process in the filmmaking chain, it’s the end of the line for filmmaking and really is a unique and new position that requires a lot of skills and a great visual eye.  Balancing colour and making sure the shots are portrayed in a way that warrants the story of the film but also doesn’t look like someone has just whacked on a couple of ready made presets to make everything look over stylised that it exists for no reason…

This brings me to this very important article on the blog of award winning cinematographer and DSLR nut Shane Hurlbut.  It offers step by step advice on how to approach colour grading and things you need to take into consideration when shooting to make it an easy shift into post production.  Check it out as it has helped me immensely on my latest project a short film that I will be talking more about soon:


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