CAPTURED – A Short Film – Teaser – Movies on Vietnam War

A short film I wrote, directed, produced, shot and edited at the very end of 2011.  It’s currently doing the festival circuit at the moment.  I’ll be showing this on the site to watch very soon!

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Captured a Short War Film Teaser – Movies on Vietnam

A young war photographer in the Vietnam War is confronted when she finds the last shot may not be her own.

Director Lucas Scheffel decided to explore a story set in the Vietnam War which a majority of other movies on vietnam do not touch upon. The film focusses on pictures of war as well as women in war.

Scheffilm Productions presents


A film by Lucas Scheffel

Starring Julie DIckson and Christine Milo

Written, Directed, Shot and Edited by Lucas Scheffel

Produced by Lucas Scheffel and Julie Dickson

Special Thanks:

Ray Judd
Annie, Darryl and Jay Clark
Dave Garratt
Lennard Smith
Ellie Gale
Iain Harris


Lennard Smith (On location sound/boom operator)
Ellie Gale (Clapper/Production Assistant)

Costumes hire:

Sparke Films (Thank you to Ian and Luke Sparke)

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