On a recent corporate video shoot I used a rather nifty camera pipe dolly called the BTABO Mk-II dolly system.  Manufactured here in Australia the BTABO (Better Than A Bought One) is the latest portable dolly system and is considered to be the best value for money system available.

Fully portable, and of lightweight steel construction, BTABO packs neatly into its own high quality Petrol Roller Bag…
(Length 130cm, Width 30cm, Height 16cm)

Here’s a demo video of the BTABO dolly below:

Most pipe dolly systems I’ve come across have bump issues when connecting the pipes together for seamless movement, the BTABO doesn’t have this issue at all, it was designed by a DOP and works a treat.  The price is just under the $2000 (AUS) mark, it’s a bit pricey for the indie filmmaker on a strict budget, even for me!  But when it comes to corporate shoots and where a budget can cover such equipment for hire then it’s definitely worth the time and money.

Don’t worry folks I will cover a blog on home made dolly systems soon if you wish!

Until next time…

Keep shooting! - Lucas


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