Canon XA10 Camcorder Review

Hey guys,

Before I started up I set up a YouTube channel called ThaAppleBox.

ThaAppleBox was originally the direction I wanted to follow which FilmFaculty has now become.  I basically came to the realisation that ThaAppleBox name was already used by a lot of video production companies in various configurations.  So to steer away from this but still share my filmmaking knowledge and experience I created the site you see now.

One of the videos on ThaAppleBox which has gained a lot of interest and views is a review I did on the Canon XA10 camcorder.  I’ve attached the video to this blog for you to watch, I think it has some great information in it especially if you own or are considering to buy the Canon XA10.  I hope you find the review useful and please share this with your friends and the world.

I’m going to have my official FilmFaculty video on “How To Make Your Own Movies” a basic insight into filmmaking uploaded soon so please keep a watch out and subscribe to keep up to date.

Until next time – Keep shooting!

Lucas –

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