Christopher Nolan On Working With Actors

In this video Christopher Nolan director of the recent Dark Knight movies discusses the virtues of being honest with Actors during an AFI Harold Lloyd Masters Seminar.

One thing I’ve noticed over a lot of “filmmaking” based websites/blogs is that they really focus on gear, gadgets for filmmaking and the technical side.  They somewhat forget the fundamentals of filmmaking such as good story telling tips and techniques and how to work and direct your actors.  I’m probably one of those sites that is heading down that line and I am now going to push forward and introduce more articles focussed on the pure side of filmmaking story and performance, at the end of the day these are key to creating great films.

What Nolan talks about in the above video is key to working with any actor, be honest with them, being fake and telling lies in order to get a good performance out of them is really pointless.  An actors job is to lie and they are good at it, they will see right through you if you try to tell them incorrectly, do no sugar coat it.  If you are all open and honest you are going to get great performances and the end result will be a great film.

Collaborate with your actors and involve them in what is happening on the other side of the camera, everything in filmmaking is a balance and intertwines.  And remember it all relates back to the story you are telling.

I’ll post more working with actor tips and techniques very soon.

Until next time…

Keep shooting!

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