I run FilmFaculty because I have a gift and passion for filmmaking which I want to share this with the world.

This is my number one priority: to share my knowledge and experience with up and coming filmmakers such as myself.

This blog began as an outlet for me where I could journal my own journey.  It wasn’t until I realized I had a gift that I needed to share with the world and the lack of information on filmmaking in one main area covering every aspect that I decided to take this seriously.

All this aside I do make some money from FilmFaculty that helps me pay for servers, premium plugins, and other associated costs.

How Do I Make Money?

There are two main methods I use to monetize this website: advertising and affiliate programs.


This is the most obvious monetization method on the site. Currently I run multiple banner ads through Buy Sell Ads — a direct ad sales platform. To purchase an ad, an advertiser finds my site on Buy Sell Ads and purchases whatever slots I’ve made open. I am then able to approve the ad and it runs for a predetermined period of time at a price I set.

I generally have no relationship with the advertisers on this site beyond Buy Sell Ads. Any type of collaboration with them is purely coincidental unless expressly stated otherwise on the site.

Non-Monetary Swag

Occasionally, I am approached by an individual or a company who wants me to review, test, or check out their product. In most of these cases, they will provide their product to me for free. I make sure they understand that I do not accept nor publish sponsored posts on The Black and Blue and — though generous — their free product does not equal free publicity in any form.

When these situations do arise, I make sure to point them out to you in the articles affected by them.

In Exchange, You Receive Tremendous Value

At least, I hope.

What I want to establish with FilmFaculty is an invaluable resource for aspiring, emerging, rookie and veteran filmmakers. That is my mission.

Because I spend a lot of time writing content, maintaining the site, and designing all the elements, I like to think whatever money I squeeze out of it is a fair deal for both of us. I don’t make oodles of cash and most of the money gets put back into the site to grow it bigger or expand services that benefit you.

This website is about filmmaking and happens to make some money, not the other way around. I am passionate about filmmaking and I really do want to help others become better at it.

I am more than willing to discuss this with anyone who has questions, comments, or is unclear about how this site is monetized. Feel free to contact me.