How to Make a Movie – Discover the secrets on how to make your own movies today

This isn’t about making movies my way – it’s about making your own movies your own way and finding your own process.

– Lucas Scheffel

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Written by FilmFaculty Founder Lucas Scheffel

Outlines and shares his experiences and journey on making a feature film and getting it distributed on DVD.


“I knew the ins and outs of my camera so I could push it to its limits.  I ended up shooting a majority of the film handheld using my arms and body as a human steadicam and dolly to create movement where necessary.  For shots that looked liked they where shot from above on a crane I would rig it up on a monopod and hold the camera up as high as I could.  By whatever means possible I made shots happen even if it looked ridiculous to someone watching how it was done, as long as the end result looked good and was shot exactly how I wanted, it didn’t matter.”

“It was nearing the end months of 2010 and there was no real bite on the DVD front.  I totally forgot about it and put my thoughts to the side trying to move forward, until I received one last email.  I could not believe what I was reading, I had a bite on my DVD, they were interested in distribution!  A company in Melbourne liked what they saw in my film and believed if I wanted it enough the film could get distribution.  My dream was near!”

Are you interested in discovering the basic steps and secrets to making your own feature film for next to nothing?

How to Make a Movie on the Cheap for Under $500 reveals the ins and outs of making a feature film with limited resources, on the fly and without any inhibitions.  You will discover what it exactly can take to realise your dream with a little bit of creativity and persistence where becoming a self sufficient filmmaker can be the biggest key to succeeding in your goals.

So You Want To Be A Filmmaker?

How to Make a Movie on the Cheap for Under $500 can help you discover your dream to becoming a filmmaker.  First thing’s first though, there is no right or wrong way to make a movie. Remember everyone has their own process, what is important is that you find your own way and own process.

That’s what this guide can potentially do for you.  It can help you realise your potential as a filmmaker and help you make your own movies.  You can learn how to be self sufficient when making movies and also how to use the limited resources around you to get creative and make the movies that you want to make.  You’ll be surprised at the readily available equipment and resources that are at your disposal, they are ready for the taking!

Start Making the Movie You Want to Make!

Just download and read How to Make a Movie on the Cheap for Under $500 and feed your movie making dream. Experience the valuable knowledge this guide brings right here, right now!

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How to Make a Movie on the Cheap for Under $500



If making movies is your dream then do not hesitate go out and shoot your movies and realise your dream!

Keep shooting!


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