How cool are the credits that appear on movie posters?  Ever wondered what the easiest way would be to replicate this on your own movie posters?  Before I knew what I’m about to share with you, I would create the above style font style manually in photoshop making the fonts small and large and just positioning them one by one.  Well after much research into this and a stack of movie posters later I found a free downloadable font on the net called ‘SteelTongs’.  The font basically takes out all the hard work when creating your own movie poster credits as seen below.  I used this font on the poster for my recent short film called ‘Captured’.

 I’ve had this font laying around in my font book for ages, it’s available for free on the net from the source tracertong (google it) or you can download for free at the link below, I’ve placed it in a zip file for an easy download: