Filmmaking Advice for Indie Filmmakers – Tarantino, Raimi, Rodriguez, Del Toro

As an aspiring filmmaker we all look up to the great filmmakers that have come before us and that are currently making great films we love.

What is the right way to get to the top and succeed as a filmmaker on an international stage?  Or just be a successful filmmaker?  We all want to be noticed worldwide with our films showing in cinemas everywhere.  There really isn’t one clear answer as the filmmakers in the above video voice.  If anything one clear thread seems to weave it’s way through each filmmakers advice in the video:

Make your own movie the way you want to and keep at it, be confident and believe in what you are making and do it your way.  Remember there is now right or wrong way to make a movie.  Find your own way and process and make your movie stand out.

Have a listen to famous filmmakers in the video above: Tarantino, Rodriguez, Del Toro and Raimi.

Until next time…

Keep shooting!!

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