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Now when it comes to editing your movies you are bound to be on the hunt of various sound effects to heighten your film and bring it up a level.  There are a heap of ways you can make your own sound effects by recording spoons clanking together and bumble gum being popped mixing this in editing software and creating something wacky and goofy.

Sure this is one way of doing it but if you are pressed for time and need a quick fix for sound effects then look no further than the following website:


This is is probably one of the best free sound effects website I’ve come across so far.  It’s got just about any sound on it you can think of. Many are great for action sequences.  Best of all you can also submit your own sound effects to the website for other people to use!  How great is that!!  Sharing and caring at the same time!

Anyways enough of this, get on the site and start finding those sound effects you want!!

The sound effects site I’ve linked is run up FinalCutKing master filmmaking guru Zac King. He’s worth checking out online as he has some rad and excellent videos!!


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