George Clooney’s Latest Film Looks like a Stinker….

The Momuments Men


Ok well maybe that’s a bit harsh as the cast for the George Clooney’s latest directorial effort ‘The Monuments Men’ looks stellar and the movie doesn’t look that half bad either.  However they could have worked on the poster and made it bang and pop a bit more.  Maybe they are relying on the fact they have a great cast involved and people will go see it because of all the familiar faces…no effort needed…

What are your thoughts people?  I always like a great poster that draws you in whether it be minimalistic like the Transformers movies (ok not the greatest example to be talking about but you get what I mean).  You need punch and intrigue in any movie poster it’s got to make you go wow I’ll go see that!

Seeing as ‘The Monuments Men’ is based around a true story from World War II which John Frankenheimer explored in his film ‘The Train’ back in 1964 with Burt Lancaster you would think they would have taken some inspiration from the artwork of war sagas.

The Train




Anyway folks….

As always…Keep shooting… - Lucas


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  1. Janice Gray August 25, 2013 at 1:00 AM - Reply

    Looks to be a fine film from George. Agree on the poster artwork. They spend loads of money on the film why not go that extra effort on the poster….

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