Realistic Looking Gun Fire – Muzzle Flash – Visual Effects

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On Set Quick Video: Realistic Looking Gun Fire

Hey Guys,

Myself, Julie and Lenny went out the other weekend and shot this quick little video to show how easy it is to make convincing muzzle flash using just toy guns and a bit of on the ball and excellent acting.  We shot this video in one take, everything was ad lib.  Well done to Julie and Lenny for going with this!

All the muzzle flash, smoke, and bullet hits on the ground were added in post production using Adobe After Effects.  Sound effects were sourced from Apple’s Soundtrack Pro library.

I’ve got an in depth tutorial coming soon showing how muzzle flash added to toy guns was achieved.

If you want to go ahead and create these same effects found in this video you can do so with any simple editing software or visual effects programs, you don’t need to have Adobe After Effects.

If you are ultra keen and want to figure this out yourself check out this low cost pack of smoke and flares for $20 US which you can use on your base footage.  As I said I’ll explain more soon!









Shootout Stock Pack is a gun-themed action stock footage pack designed to enhance your shootout scenes. The pack includes over 120 pre-keyed CG stock footage clips such as muzzle flares, blood, bullet hits, and much more! Works with Adobe After Effects, Apple Motion, Sony Vegas, Final Cut Pro & X, Adobe Premiere, and more!


As always keep shooting!

Lucas :)

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