Revenge of The Great Camera Shootout Part One

If you are serious about filmmaking and want to learn and discover more about the impact of digital technology on us as storytellers then look no further than: REVENGE OF THE GREAT CAMERA SHOOTOUT

If you are not familiar with Zacuto/Kessler film products and the documentary videos they shoot such as this one then you are in for a treat.  I’ll let you check them out and discover it for yourselves.

I’ve pasted a blurb from the Zacuto website below that details the guts of the shootout videos.

In this day and age digital technology in filmmaking is always changing with a new camera coming out each day.  There are so many choices to shoot on now but why does everyone get all fussed about all these different cameras and how far they can be pushed?  At the end of the day it’s really not about the cameras at all…read more below and enjoy the videos!

We’ve got a lot to prove in Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout 2012. Some of it will surprise you, some of it will shock you, and some of it will change the way you work forever. Let’s make this clear: This is not the shootout you’re expecting.

Will you see the empirical testing where we set the lighting, keep it constant, and run all the cameras through so pixel pushers are happy knowing they’ve made the right purchase? Sure. What’s new and different is that we’re going to show you what you can do with each of these cameras on the same set by letting expert DPs who’ve mastered these cameras get creative with them. They’ve figured out the best profiles, they know how to light for their camera while keeping color timing in mind. This shootout is about two things- what a camera is capable of and what a DP can do with his abilities to make it look great with all of his skills, experience and talent. The key element here is talent. There are no winners as with all of our tests, since winning is dependent on your abilities.

This 90 minute documentary will be presented in three parts that will air on the 15th of June, July, and August. It’s critical you watch all three episodes to fully understand the total message. Each segment will feature three of the nine camera masters describing their approach to the creative shot. The three parts are interwoven and each will feature new guests imparting their knowledge and wisdom for you to learn from. Stop, listen and learn, it’s not all about the cameras! I hope you enjoy this passion project we call Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout.

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