Ridley Scott sees RED…

Recently famed director Ridley Scott was interviewed talking about his first experience shooting digital on the RED EPIC camera system.  He’s been a “film man” for quite some time now and never thought he would make the switch over to digital to help tell his movies.

Digital versus film has always been one of those battles for filmmakers in recent years.  Many “film bred” filmmakers see it as not to the standard of film yet and will not embrace the technology where as others are getting on the digital bandwagon and developing with the tools in order to refine and make them better for the future.  All in all it really doesn’t matter what you shoot your film on as long as you are remembering to deliver a great story with the language of cinema then you should be alright.  Digital technology has opened up a vast array of techniques and tool that fimmakers can now use to shot their movies.  Fair enough some digital cameras still do not have the dynamic range that will top film, but in time it will and it will most definitely surpass film tenfold so it’s fair to say we all should be getting on the digital side of filmmaking and evolve this tool we now are using more commonly on productions.

Another thing that we as filmmakers need to do also when embracing technology is to change the way audiences watch films and get them back into the cinemas.  It’s very easy to say now that most people have a widescreen TV in their homes hooked up to surround sound speakers in an entertainment room that would beat going out to the cinema.  Less and less are attending cinemas to watch movies now and as a filmmaker you need to understand why that is and how to combat it.  As I have just shown technology and the advances of the home theatre is a big one.  Better still we as filmmakers need to start telling bigger and better stories that will attract people into the cinema and we need to be shooting and telling them with and on digital technology that will surpass the experience of a home cinema e.g. 3D and visual effects.

This brings me to Ridley Scott and his view on where we need to go as filmmakers with the ever increasing rise of digital technology at home and on the movie set.

Check the video out at Vimeo above.

He also has a dig at filmmaker David Fincher the dude behind the Social Network Movie…hehe

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