My Canon 5D Mark II DSLR camera.

I use this bad boy to shoot a majority of my projects.

It’s got a 24mm-105mm f4 Canon L series lens.  Not a fast lens but an awesome all round lens to have in the kit.





My Canon 50mm f1.8 lens.  This Nifty Fifty prime lens is great for low light situations where you can really through the background way out of focus around your subjects.

Great for creating crazy loving bokeh in the background that all filmmakers and photographers get off on!!





For recording sound straight off the top of my DSLR I use my Rode VideoMic.

A great little sound unit for getting on the fly sound!



My Jag35 mini field runner shoulder rig.

Great for those off the cuff hand held shots and run and gun type situations.

It’s light weight, breakdowns for travel and simple to use.  Has a cool top handle for carrying as well!

The Field Runner


For recording sound I use my Rode NTG-2 shotgun mic.

It’s just about good for recording any sort of sound you want!

Voice overs, dialogue, sound effects.




This is probably the best bit of equipment I invested in.

It attaches to the back of the LCD screen of the 5D and magnifies the screen image for sharper focus and viewing.



D Follow Focus.  Was a gift from a fellow filmmaker friend.  Connects to the 15mm rod rails on the Jag35 shoulder rig where the cog on this gizmo runs against a focus gear that wraps around my Canon lens to pull focus.  Best gift ever!