Skyfall – James Bond 007 – B Roll Footage – Behind the Scenes Look

It’s not often we get the chance to go behind the scenes of a film before it comes out.  Most of the time we get a little snippet in an online teaser for a film or after it is released on DVD we get a total insight of what goes on behind the camera to make a movie.

Well this is not the case with Skyfall the latest James Bond 007 instalment directed by Oscar Winning director Sam Mendes.  Check out these videos below that have been running around the net.  They are B Roll footage taken filmed directly from the set of the Skyfall.  It’s rather amazing to watch these snippets of uncut footage shot after shot, if offers an insight into the scale of this production and the craziness of the stunt work and visual effects that film will offer.  Some of the fighting sequences on the train and Daniel Craig doing a majority of his stunt work is off the hook.  Fair enough you don’t get to see any of the footage that they are shooting but you do get to see how the set is run and what the setups are like.

I think this is going to be one of the best Bond films to date.  Yeah ok some of you think Daniel Craig isn’t the best Bond choice still and Bond really should be a guy who taps ladies asses all the time and makes suggestive comments as with past 007s but times have a changed I’m afraid.  I’m really surprised that for one Sam Mendes is directing this film and has DOP Roger Deakins on board to shoot the film, amazing cast and crew on this show!

Until next time…keep shooting – Lucas

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