The Best Camera Dolly – We all have access to one already!

If you’re a true indie filmmaker then you would have already thought and done this one ten times over.  Yep, using your car as a dolly.  It’s an old guerrilla filmmaker trick but a great one that can render you some great results.  One of my very first music videos has shots in it using this very technique:

Some of you may not want to go down this route as it for one is a very risky technique to take on.  But if you do choose to do it please be sure to keep safety as your number one focus, don’t drive at crazy speeds with your camera man unstrapped in the back of the vehicle with camera hand held hooning down the highway at a hundred mile an hour – now that is totally stupid.  Keep your driving at a steady pace and make sure everyone involved is aware and comfortable of the situation.  Be safe, safe, safe!!

Take a look at the above Vimeo Video School video on “Drive-by shooting: Using Your Car to Make Better Videos.”  You may already know these techniques or it may just enlighten you.  Some great tips in the video.

Remember be safe at all times if trying this technique.  We don’t condone anyone conducting illegal acts so best check with your local authorities on what can and can’t be done first up and then assess from there.  Get those shots you want but don’t put everyones life at risk.

Until next time…

Keep shooting!

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