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What is the “Film Look”???

When digital filmmaking first showed faced a lot of filmmakers tried to emulate what the feel of film looked like on the screen.  I remember shooting on Sony digital video cameras at University where we all fussed about how we could change the look and feel of the image in post production by adding grain and changing colours to steer away from a cold and boring digital camera look.

If anything we were really comparing two different mediums, actual celluloid film and digital video which really shouldn’t be compared.  At the end of the day a camera whether it be digital or film based is a tool to help us as filmmakers tell a story.  We should never get too caught up in what medium is better to shoot on otherwise the way we create stories may suffer.  Ideally each camera and the creatives/talent that use them are the driving force behind making the equipment work in their favour for the right project.

The film look is in a nut shell how the audience sees a movie on a cinema screen.  They see it as being professionally shot as opposed to a home movie that Uncle Joe filmed at your sisters wedding.  Now that’s the big difference here and people do notice this.

Essentially films are told in a particular way, unlike Uncle Joe’s shaking and out of focus videos at your sisters wedding.

This brings me to a recent post from another filmmaker on his website – here he outlines a quick tutorial on the basics of achieving a “Film Look” for your own movies.  It’s pretty informative and well worth the read.

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