The Magic Spot – Choosing your Shots

Deciding how to cover a scene in a movie is always a tough task on any film.  A majority of the time it all comes down to the story and how you want to tell it at that given moment according to the scene you are showing.

Let’s look at master filmmaker Steven Spielberg and his technique of placing his shots.  Watch as many of his films as you can, he’s a master of camera placement and movement.  Spielberg was once asked by an emerging filmmaker:

“How do I decide what my shots will be?”

Steven Spielberg replied:

“When you are watching your actors rehearse wherever you find yourself standing, whatever position you’re drawn to stand in and observe that is the shot you take.”

Let’s take a look at Steven Spielberg and a scene from one of his earlier films ‘Sugarland Express’.  I hope this helps you understand your audience when making films and what shots to take.  Enjoy!

Until next time…

Keep shooting! - Lucas




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