The Making of ‘Side by Side’ – Go Behind the Scenes!


A while ago now I talked about the documentary called Side by Side produced by Keanu Reeves (who also interviews filmmakers in the doc0) which takes an in depth look into the digital process of filmmaking which is challenging the photochemical process we once knew as the staple.  Check out the documentary if you haven’t because it’s an amazing insight into all aspects of filmmaking from capture to edit, visual effects to colour correction, distribution to archive.  Some top directors, cinematographers, film students, producers, editors and exhibitors talk about the emergence of the digital process and how it has effected their filmmaking experiences.  Great filmmakers such as Christopher Nolan, James Cameron and Martin Scorsese all talk about the two mediums either coexisting together or how they are so die hard for film that nothing else compares.

This brings me to the video below a behind the scenes look at Side by Side from the director/writer of the documentary Chris Keneally who worked with Keanu Reeves to make the documentary a reality.  Chris discusses the gear they used to shoot and light the doco, the locations they came across while shooting and trying to schedule 140 odd filmmakers and get interviews.  He also provides some great advice for young filmmakers which is very helpful.

Check out the behind the scenes video below and also remember to watch the Side by Side documentary as it has some very candid, funny and honest insights from a range of filmmakers in the industry.  (Side by Side is available on iTunes)

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