The Sound of ‘Drive’

Not long ago now I watched Nicolas Winding Refn’s film ‘Only God Forgives’ starring Ryan Gosling.  I absolutely loved it, most people I know hated it and thought it was the biggest piece of crap ever made but I disagree.  I felt it was fresh and gutsy.  I will maybe talk about this film at another time but I would like to talk about Nicolas Winding Refn’s previous outing with Gosling, the movie ‘Drive’.

For those of you who have watched ‘Drive’ here’s another film you will either love or hate.  Again I loved it not just for it’s great story telling, acting, daring cinematography and editing but the sound design.  Yes sound design, that one part of any film that sometimes gets left to last and rushed on most indie/low budget films.

If you get a chance watch ‘Drive’ again and take particular note of the sound design throughout the film particularly during the car chase scenes and even those quite moments with Gosling and Carey Mulligan when they stare at each other in the hallway, no dialogue just breathing…wow!

In the above video supervising Sound Editor Lon Bender talks about his work on Director Nicolas Winding Refn’s film ‘Drive’.

Video Courtesy of CSS Studios.

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