Tony Scott RIP

I was really sad to hear famed Hollywood director and the man behind great blockbuster films such as Top Gun, Tony Scott took his life yesterday.

I’ve listed some comments below from his peers in Hollywood:

Ron Howard: “No more Tony Scott movies. Tragic day”

Justin Timerblake: “So sad to hear the news about Tony Scott. His movies made growing up more fun for me. My prayers and condolences to the Scott family.”

Elizabeth Hurley: “Tony Scott. Such a talented film maker. I went rock climbing with him once & he was enormous fun. RIP.”

Robert Rodriguez: “Great knowing you, buddy. Thanks for the inspiration, advice, encouragement, and the decades of great entertainment.”


I always enjoyed your films that pushed the way we viewed cinema, from the crazy editing, multiple cameras, heightened colours and subtitles that appeared in places we least expected them to!  Man on Fire and The Last Boy Scout are a couple of my favourite films.

RIP Tony Scott.

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