What the hell is Foley? Inside the mind of a foley artist – the art and craft of sound

Soundscape is one particular are which I think gets missed or left to the last minute when it comes to making short films on an independent level.  Sound in general does to be honest.  At the end of the day great sound can lift a film up ten levels, for some reason you can get away with below grade visuals but audiences hate bad sound they want to hear and experience it!

I know when I shot my low budget zombie flick The Counterpart I came to the last hall of post production and realised the film had terrible sound.  All location dialogue was horrible and I ended by re-recording all the dialogue commonly known as ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement).  Having done the dialogue again I had to record/source/create foley, things like footsteps for characters, gun fire, doors opening and closing as well as just general atmosphere sound.  It was a big task but lifted the film ten fold, it pretty much saved the day.

This brings me to foley and the guys who create those sound effects using cabbages hit with a baseball bat to make crunch type sound, the guys who provide a film that extra level.  Check out the video above from award winning foley artist Gary Heck on how is creates his craft.  Interesting stuff!

Until next….keep shooting!!

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